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The Uztet'sKelln-pattern was a combat flyer with no modern analogue, considered one of the earliest equivalents to what would eventually evolve into the Banshee, produced by the Sangheili race.[1] Named and designed off of the predatory and voracious 'sKelln piloted by the sky-chevalier orders, the Uztet'sKelln was considered to be unreliable and slow—at least when compared to its descendants. The model featured a smooth, sophisticatedly contoured canopy and was powered by a twin impulse drive, and essentially served as the predecessor for all future Banshee designs and models.[1][2]

The Uztet'sKelln was often used in ceremonial roles and was designed with elaborate ornamentation.[1] They were used in the Covenant Honor Guard or were directly commissioned by kaidons as personal transports.[2]


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