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Halo Wars 3

Creative Assembly


A rejected pitch for Halo Wars 3 was unveiled in 2017 through concept art.


In 2017, Creative Assembly artist Brad Wright released concept art based on the pitch, alongside concept art for a cancelled pitch for Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare that was to feature Promethean enemies. He received permission to release the art on his ArtStation page from Microsoft. Space battles would feature in the game, with a capital ship serving as the home base, from which ground forces would be deployed. Different rooms on the ship would provide bonuses, some buffing the ship itself in ship-to-ship battles.[1] Buffs would affect elements such as shields and thrusters.[2]

The ArtStation page's description was later removed, replaced with "Halo Wars 2 additional work done for Creative Assembly for Halo Wars 2. Property of Microsoft." Wright provided no explanation as to why the change was made.[3]


The artwork produced heavily featured the UNSC Frontend, a stand-in ship for the ship that would be featured in gameplay and named after the user interface being the "front end" of a game. The ship is classed as an "M-class carrier" and has a registry of "18384973-YU". The ship was constructed in the "Outer Sol Docks" and was captained by "Captain Steve". Visually the ship is a mix of the Halcyon-class light cruiser and the fanon-Nevada-class heavy frigate, with the addition of "wings" reminiscent of those on the Paris-class heavy frigate. Another concept piece labels the year as 2567, adding that the ship is in "Low Ark Orbit" and at Alpha Centauri.

Concept art[edit]