Slipspace Invaders

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The screen of Slipspace Invaders.
The main screen of Slipspace Invaders.

Slipspace Invaders is an arcade game where the player uses a joystick and various buttons to control a ship styled after a UNSC Sabre fighter in simplistic combat with various Covenant craft, including Banshees, Seraphs, and Phantoms. The player has three lives within which they must defeat the aliens. A small arcade on Halleg Street in New Mombasa, Earth called Arcade Game Zone has multiple Slipspace Invaders game cabinets.[1]


  • Slipspace Invaders is an obvious reference to the popular 1978 arcade game Space Invaders created by Tomohiro Nishikado, with the word "Slipspace" used to add some Halo flair. The game is presumably played identically to Space Invaders, with the Covenant craft slowly moving down the screen, firing on the player's ship as they try to fire back and destroy them all before they run out of lives or the alien ships reach the bottom.


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