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Recurve Station.

Recurve Station was a human research station located in the mountains of the human colony world Concord.[1][2] Like its sister-station, Longbow Station, the station's primary feature was a twin set of large mass drivers used for a variety of industrial and military purposes by the Unified Earth Government (UEG) and United Nations Space Command (UNSC).[3]


Colonial era[edit]

In 2509, the UEG commissioned the launch of numerous deep space monitoring relays to study star systems far from the human colonial sphere. Recurve presumably joined Longbow Station in this endeavour, and used its twin mass drivers to launch many of these relays.[3][4][5]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

With the outbreak of war in 2525 and the ensuing campaign in the Outer Colonies, mass driver stations like Longbow and presumably Recurve were changed to adapt to the new wartime environment. Rather than launching star surveys for peaceful purposes as in previous years, they were adapted to house key military sensors that were used to track the movement of the Covenant fleet as they slowly destroyed world after world in the outermost regions of space.[3]

During the 2551 defense of Concord against the alien hegemony, several of the planet's mass drivers - presumably including Recurve Station and its sister-station Longbow - were used as improvised anti-orbital artillery against the Covenant starships involved in the invasion. The actions of these mass drivers were sufficient enough in disabling the fleet to allow for a small battle group of UNSC Navy warships to finish off the fleet, stranding the Covenant ground forces on the planet.[6] As of December 6, 2551, Recurve Station was reported as inactive on the United Nations Space Command's TACMAP.[1]

By c.2558, a recreation of the station was simulated in UNSC War Games for Spartan training purposes, under the UNSC Cartographer Initiative.[7]


Recurve Station is the setting of the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer map, Recurve - a spiritual successor to Halo 4's Longbow recreated in Halo 5's iteration of Forge and officially included in matchmaking.

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