Battle of New Jerusalem

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Fall of Reach


Battle of Tribute, Fall of Reach


Battle of Installation 04, Raid on Mount Haven

Battle of New Jerusalem


Human-Covenant War


July or August 2552


New Jerusalem, Cygnus system


Covenant victory

  • Heavy casualties on both sides

United Nations Space Command





  • Ground forces

26th MEF nearly annihilated; presumably heavy Army casualties

Unknown; presumably heavy


"Cygnus? Didn't think there were any survivors."
Taylor H. Miles, upon hearing about a survivor from the battle.[1]

The Battle of New Jerusalem was an engagement in the Human-Covenant War. It was fought on the human colony world of New Jerusalem in Cygnus system between the UNSC and the Covenant in July or August 2552.[2][3][4]

The battle[edit]

In July or August of 2552, New Jerusalem was invaded by the Covenant; this invasion was resisted by the UNSC Army[5] and the 26th Marine Expeditionary Force, which was nearly annihilated.[6]

At some point during the battle, ODST Carlo Hoya was captured by the Covenant, but managed to escape, saving a dozen Naval officers' lives in the process. After the war, Hoya would go on to join the new SPARTAN-IV Program.[7]


  • It has been implied that Kojo Agu saw action on the planet at some point during the war, possibly simultaneously with the Rookie.[2][8]
  • The presence of the Marine Expeditionary Force engaging in a "Rapid Offensive Picket" on New Jerusalem may suggest that at some point, the planet was lost to the Covenant, and the UNSC made an attempt to re-take it.

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