Ceremonial battle harness

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Ceremonial battle harness
Sangheili-Zealot CEA.png
Production overview


Sangheili harness

Technical specifications


  • Smooth, organic thoracic cage harness
  • Large, sloping shoulder pauldrons
  • Long, back-swept helmet with mandible guards
  • Decorative blue bands

Catherine Halsey: "Zealots? You're certain?"
Jorge-052: "Their armor configuration matched."
SPARTAN-B312: "Shield strength, too."
Catherine Halsey, Jorge-052, and SPARTAN-B312 during the Fall of Reach.[1]

The Ceremonial battle harness is an armor set of the Sangheili Zealot.[2]


The ceremonial battle harness features a smooth, organic thoracic cage harness; large, sloping shoulder pauldrons; and a long, back-swept helmet with mandible guards.[3] The helmet and pauldrons feature decorative blue bands. Like the Evocati harness and the Infiltration harness, it does have red markings.[4]


The Ceremonial battle harness was exclusively used by Sangheili Zealots,[1] and most famously worn in maroon by the Devoted Sentries.[5][6] Zealot Field Masters who were command positions and attached to regular Covenant military forces wore the same armor, albeit colored gold, similar to suits worn by lower-ranking Generals.[4] The Ultra-class color scheme worn by Ultras (silver-white with black trim) is also used.[7]


Field Marshal harness[edit]

Sangheili Field Marshals wear a modified version of the Ceremonial battle harness; the front of the helmet has two horn-like prongs and the pauldrons are wider.[5]

In-game information[edit]

Halo: Reach[edit]

This harness, along with the Field Marshal variant, are unlocked for use in multiplayer in Halo: Reach after attaining the rank of Captain and Lieutenant Colonel (for the Field Marshal armour).

Armor Description Unlock requirements
(Halo: Reach)
Unlock requirements
(Halo: MCC)
HR Elite Zealot Icon.png The true devotee honors our name with actions, not words. Halo: Reach rank icon Captain Series 1 Tier 50, Spartan Point 1
HR Elite FieldMarshal Icon.png With this sacrament of blood, we journey into the Divine Beyond. Halo: Reach rank icon Lieutenant Colonel Series 1 Tier 79, Spartan Point 1


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