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"It is a walking tank that bulldozes foes with its powerful melee smash attacks, crushing anything that gets in its way."
Jeff Easterling on Goliaths.[1]

Goliaths are a type of Mgalekgolo employed by the Banished.


Unlike a typical Mgalekgolo pair, which splits a colony into two independent bodies, Goliaths are a Hunter-style body containing a single Lekgolo colony that optimizes brute strength over all other considerations, forgoing the typical assault cannon. Unlike normal Hunters, Goliaths are quadrupedal. Inside the Goliath’s armored shell most of the Lekgolo in the gestalt adapt to function as corded pseudo-muscle and thick-skinned protective bands, with a minimum of sensory and cognitive function. Goliaths are not easily self-sustained due to their ravenous hunger for nutrients, and are typically only seen in times of extreme danger among feral Lekgolo, but "Colony" of the Banished can coerce or direct subsidiary gestalts into this form seemingly at will.[1]

Operational history[edit]

Colony deployed Goliaths against the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire during the Second Ark Conflict in 2559[2] as a super-heavy infantry unit to protect areas Colony found of particular importance.[3] In particular, Colony utilized Goliaths during Operation: SPEARBREAKER in May to defend a Forerunner Despair-class fighter that it was attempting to launch against the Spirit of Fire. Goliaths were used by a Hunter Captain to heal himself after the UNSC forces managed to breach the Banished defenses against the fighter in a final attempt to stop the UNSC from preventing the launch. The effort failed and the fighter was destroyed by the UNSC in order to keep it out of Banished hands.[4]

Goliaths were also utilized by Pavium during the Flood outbreak on the Ark, in which they were tasked with clearing a path for the Banished forces' to retreat.[5]



  • Info: Anti-Building, Devastating melee, Heavily armored, Ram ability
  • Tier: 1
  • Cost: Population 4, Supplies 150, Power 80
  • Goliath upgrade: Goliath's Rage
    • Info: Increased damage, particularly against vehicles, boosts ram ability
    • Tier: 3
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 650

Goliaths are exclusive to the Banished leader Colony and can be built at the Raid Camp as a replacement for the Jump Pack Jiralhanae. Unupgraded Goliaths perform well against structures, okay against infantry, poorly against vehicles, and cannot attack aircraft. Once the Goliath's Rage upgrade has been researched Goliaths will perform well against infantry and okay against vehicles. During Operation: SPEARBREAKER, Goliaths can heal the Hunter Captain.

Goliaths are also an unlockable Blitz card and deployable as a unit in the Blitz mode of Halo Wars 2 with the following stats:

  • Leader: Colony
  • Rarity: Common
  • Cost to deploy: 50
  • Ability: Ram - Rams and stuns nearby targets.


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