Hordeworms of Svir

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Hordeworms of Svir
Myriad on Installation 07. Courtesy of Nakai (Covenant Canon) on Twitter.
Myriad, a Swarmlord pair in the Hordeworms of Svir.








The Hordeworms of Svir are a clan of Lekgolo, based in the Svir system - the home star system of the Lekgolo species.[2][1]


Zeta Halo[edit]

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Elements of the Hordeworms of Svir were a part of the Banished force assembled to attack Installation 07 in late 2559.[2] These ground forces included Mgalekgolo and Ardent Mgalekgolo pairs, alongside the Swarmlord known as Myriad - the latter of which was defeated in combat by John-117 in May 2560.[3]


The Hordeworms of Svir are divided into a number of subordinate units including at least one combat element and its constituent five lances. The Fifth Lance of the First Combat Element was commanded by Swarmlord Myriad.[2]

The unnamed Lekgolo force commanded by the Swarmlord Colony which accompanied Atriox and his retinue to the Ark may also be another constituent of the Hordeworms, though may also be its own distinct clan.

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