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Halo Infinite[edit]

The Tower[edit]

  • "So, the Demon is here. Did you think I would let you walk right into my Tower? My Tower?! I think not. My facility is locked down. There is nothing you can do here... except die."
  • "Escharum was correct. So easy. A signal. A lure. And the Master Chief comes running. I wish only that I would have time to enjoy you. Time to learn your secrets. Peel back your visage and expose your weakness."
  • "Welcome to my Tower, Master Chief. It is where you will be broken. It is where you will give up your secrets."

Boss Fight[edit]

  • [Menacing laughter]
  • [Menacing laughter] "As expected..." (if he kills the player)
  • "Be gone!"
  • "Blood will spill!"
  • "Can you dodge this?" (throwing a plasma grenade)
  • "Clumsy, clumsy!"
  • "Cowardly fool! Show yourself!" (when the player is in cover)
  • "Did I not tell you? This is MY Tower!" (if he kills the player)
  • "Die now!" (attacking)
  • "Do you wonder where I am?" (cloaking)
  • "Failure is your fate!"
  • "Grenade away!" (throwing a plasma grenade)
  • "Here it comes!" (attacking)
  • "How much can your body take? And what of your mind?"
  • "How much pain can you endure?"
  • "Human will is such a fragile thing!"
  • "Humanity comes from nothing and remains nothing!"
  • "I am but a mirage to you." (cloaking)
  • "I give you pain!" (attacking)
  • "I have such exquisite pain to bring you!"
  • "I HAVE you!" (attacking)
  • "I know you. I know your weakness."
  • "I vanish!" (cloaking)
  • "I warned there was nowhere to hide!"
  • "I will be upon you soon."
  • "I will flush you out like vermin!" (when the player is in cover)
  • "I will see your courage crumble!"
  • "I will shatter your will, Spartan!"
  • "I will show you the meaning of suffering."
  • "I wonder... how much pain can you endure?"
  • "I'll squeeze the last drop of life from you!"
  • "I'll throw you off this Tower!"
  • "My victory is inevitable!"
  • "NOOOO!!" (when stuck with a grenade)
  • "Now then... let us see beneath that helmet." (if he kills the player)
  • "One more blow and you're mine!" (when the player is at low health)
  • "Prepare yourself!"
  • "See you soon!" (cloaking)
  • "The Banished will endure!"
  • "This is MY Tower, human!"
  • "This will not take long."
  • "What?!" (when stuck with a grenade)
  • "What will you do, human?"
  • "You are as bad as the Brutes!"
  • "You are blind to your fate."
  • "You are right to be afraid."
  • "You will beg for death before I'm through with you!" (taking damage)
  • "You will break!"
  • "You will die in chains, Spartan!"
  • "Your pain is only just beginning!"

Audio Logs[edit]

The Prisoner #4

  • "Humans are so easy to break. Their flesh soft. Their minds... fragile."
  • "My kind would once have called it divine." (about The Harbinger)
  • "On your feet, human. We need to know what else is in the little head of yours. Take him to my Tower." (to Lucas Browning)

The Prisoner #5

  • "He's yours to do with as you see fit." (bringing Lucas Browning before the Harbinger)

The Prisoner #6

  • "It seems their feeble minds cannot contain the power of her words." (observing the aftermath of Lucas Browning's encounter with the Harbinger)
  • "You should feel honored, human. The truth has apparently set you free!"
  • "Bring him to her chambers. She has more to tell him. If his mind can last..."