Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Outpost/03

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>> Recovered this not far from the array. Sabotage op appears to have failed, but damage opened up some vulnerabilities. Piggybacking off their comms array might actually be possible. Sending polyband burst transmission at cycling intervals - hopefully FIXER is able to key in on enough of the cypher to relay our local data.

  • First Marine: I've got eyes on the comms outpost. Definitely the source of the scanner sweeps... and it's well defended. We're not equipped for this.
  • Second Marine: As long as that station is operable, there's nowhere to hide on this island. Wait, we still got that last satchel of C-12, right?
  • First Marine: We do... but you can't take out an outpost with one explosive.
  • Second Marine: One charge is more than enough. Plant it squarely beneath the comms tower and...
  • First Marine: ...and that will bury them under a few tons of rubble. Ingenious. I feel lucky you're on our side.