Bulwark of Bone

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Bulwark of Bone
Government overview


Mercenary clan


Chieftain En'Geddon[1]

Societal overview


Zomar, Teash

Official language(s):

Jiralhanae language

Historical overview




The Bulwark of Bone are a Jiralhanae clan once under the leadership of Chieftain En'Geddon.[2][Note 1] The clan was initially independent before serving as a mercenary clan within the Banished.


After En'Geddon rebelled against the Covenant alongside Atriox, Decimus, and several other Jiralhanae to start the Banished during Algolis Invasion in early 2549, he returned to his clan in the great city of Zomar. He rallied his clan to follow under his leadership and became a Chieftain. Leading his clan, now calling themselves the Bulwark of Bone, he linked up with Atriox again and merged them into his campaign. The Bulwark of Bone would pillage dozens of UEG colonies for loot, notably Seaford and Vuryonos, leaving them crippled.[2]

The Bulkwark of Bone participated in the Battle for Zeta Halo, where their leader En'Geddon, a founding member of the Banished, was killed by the Master Chief.[2]

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  1. ^ In Halo Infinite, the TACMAP describes En'Geddon as the leader of the Ravaged Tusks, while his Target profile describes him as the leader of the Bulwark of Bone. This could be an error subject to change at a later date.


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