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Warial's Wrath
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Warial's Wrath are a clan of Jiralhanae based out of Warial; one of three moons of the former-Jiralhanae homeworld Doisac.[1]


Warial's Wrath served under the empire of the Covenant during their war with humanity. During the conflict, they broke away from the Covenant - though still continued to target Human colonies as they saw fit, led by their Chieftain, Ik'novus. In 2550, Warial's Wrath joined the growing Banished force led by Atriox.[2]

During the Created conflict in 2559, Warial's Wrath were a part of the Banished contingent left under the charge of Escharum, and were deployed onto Installation 07. The group would assist in the occupation of the ring for six months against the United Nations Space Command forces who had managed to survive the destruction of UNSC Infinity. In May 2560, the group would come into conflict with John-117, who was ultimately able to assassinate the Warial's Wrath leader Ik'novus.[3]


Warial's Wrath were led by the Chieftain Ik'novus.[2] The brothers Tovarus and Hyperius were descended from the clan upper echelons' long lineage of War Chieftains, before joining the Bloodstars.[4]

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