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Oliver is a smart AI in Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). During the Created uprising, he was tasked as a companion for Lieutenant Parisa, an agent of ONI tasked with special courier missions. Due to a unique condition left by an injury incurred in her prior service, Parisa was unable to retain short-term memories, and required Oliver as a mission handler.[1]


In late 2559, Oliver (alongside Parisa) was involved in Operation: HOURGLASS - a secretive mission to transport classified intelligence some time shortly prior to Operation: WOLFE.[2] Due to Parisa's unique condition, she was considered the perfect agent to transport classified intelligence, with the guarantee that every seven hours, she would forget everything in her short-term memory - ensuring a minimal chance that sensitive information could be leaked to enemy forces.[1] For additional safeguarding in keeping with the Cole Protocol, Oliver was fitted with a directive that would force him to self-destruct, should he be told the information Parisa held - ensuring that there was no way classified material would be spread onto a computer network.[3]

When Parisa was awoken from her cryo chamber aboard the prowler UNSC Down Out and Go, Oliver was on-hand to brief Parisa on her condition and mission - before the two boarded a courier shuttle and set out to rendezvous with the Master Chief to hand over an encryption code contained only within Parisa's memory.[1] During the mission, Parisa questioned Oliver on who the Master Chief was and why he was deemed so important, with Oliver proceeding to provide Parisa with recorded testimonies of various military personnel and civilians who had interacted with the Spartan at various points in his career including Faith Abdi, Carol "Foehammer" Rawley, Chips Dubbo, Franklin Mendez, and Colum McGinnis.[4][5][6]

During the flight, Oliver attempted to manage Parisa's stress levels, and was reluctant to inform her how many missions she had undertaken in her injured state; telling her that HOURGLASS was her fifth mission instead of the truth that it was her fifty-third since 2557.[6]

After seven hours of travel, the two successfully rendezvoused with Master Chief, while successfully warding off an attack by a squadron of Created Phaetons.[7]

Production notes[edit]

In Halo Infinite: Memory Agent, Oliver was voiced by Bill Millsap.[8]

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