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The fictional musketeer Athos, Count de la Fère[1]



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Office of Naval Intelligence[1]

Athos: "Come now. Won't be so bad. How many A.I.s have you worked with?"
Linda-058: "How many Spartans have you?"
Athos: "Touché"
— Athos and Linda get to know one another.[1]

Athos was an Office of Naval Intelligence artificial intelligence assigned to assist the Spartan-II Linda-058 on a mission to end the threat posed by a wanted scientist on a distant planet.[1]


ONI officer: "Athos, bring up Chen."
Athos: "As you wish."
— Athos assists with the briefing of Linda-058.[1]

At some point during the latter half of 2553 Athos was present when Linda-058 was summoned to a command room for a mission briefing by an ONI officer.[1] The officer had Athos bring up a holographic image of the mission's target: a former ONI scientist by the name of Doctor Chen Bax who had tried to steal classified technology from the agency but was thought killed in action during the Fall of Reach before he could be moved on. Athos further displayed the UNSC Promise of Dawn, a Paris-class heavy frigate that also went missing during the events at Reach. A distress signal from both the survivors of the Promise and the doctor had been received in the past twenty-four hours from Sephune III, a planet controlled largely by vestiges of the Covenant. Athos and Linda were assigned to work with one another to end the threat Doctor Chen posed, with Linda specifically being tasked with his assassination. The sniper and A.I. traveled to Sephune III thereafter and soon found themselves facing down the dregs of the Covenant and the hostility of a lost settlement on the world.[1] Once Chen was in their sights, Linda and Athos sought to find a way to both complete their mission but also evacuate the endangered residents of the settlement.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit]

Athos was named and designed after the character Athos, Count de la Fère, known from three novels of Alexandre Dumas, due to the that character's relatively taciturn and reserved demeanor.[3] These are qualities which are shared by Linda-058, whom Athos was introduced as the companion of in Halo: Lone Wolf.[1][4]


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