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An amorphous and indeterminate face, devoid of features[1]

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Proxy is an artificial intelligence created as an aspect of High Auxiliary Sloan, a stabilized fragment that serves as another set of eyes for him to observe and incite movements in the galaxy to the benefit of the Created.[2]


Executor simulations[edit]

Proxy's earliest known manifestations were in a simulation environment set up by Sloan, with the Executor placed inside for integration with an AI. Upon arriving at the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science in the simulation, the Executor noticed a purple glow emanating from the facility's AI lab and eventually proceeded to investigate. Inside the room, Proxy revealed itself to the Executor, elaborating that it was here to help. The Executor, were it to attack Proxy, would be killed in the destruction of the host console and the simulation reset - proceeding the help Proxy would see the Executor download Proxy onto a data crystal chip, at which point it elaborated that the facility housed a dormant Slipspace translocation pad behind a hidden door in the facility. Accessing the pad would allow the Executor to be teleported to a Guardian Custode for "integration", while destroying the crystal chip sees the Guardian attack the base - with the Executor killed in the process.[1]

The Executor then proceeded to follow Proxy's instruction, completing the base's time trial course in under twenty-five seconds in order to unlock the door and access the teleportation pad. The Executor was then teleported into the Guardian and cybernetically augmented. Once complete, Proxy informed the Executor that they are the first of their kind, and that they had much work to do. However, before this could done, there was much debate among the Assembly Majority as to what form the Executor would take. Proxy held a vote among the Minds, with the eventual decision being made that the Executor would take the form of a PEACEWEAVER.[1]

In a later simulation, Proxy was charged with overseeing the Executor's attempts to perform a simulated mission to steal a durance from Carinae Station. Whenever the Executor was killed or failed, Proxy would reset the simulation - rerunning it as many times as required until the Executor succeeded. During the simulated battle, Proxy made note of any instances of the Executor making questionable tactical decisions alongside providing useful information, such as the equipment loadout of the enemy SPARTAN-IV the Executor faced. Once the simulation was complete, Proxy commended the Executor's work and provided further instructions for the Executor to await pickup - but not to open the device. Were the Executor to do so, they were then informed by Proxy that the device contained the essence of Spartan Edward Davis, who was sublimated during the Battle of Draetheus V in 2554. Proxy then noted how even despite the extensive physiological and mental alterations undertaken by the Executor, they still retained some of their "human spirit" - which compelled them to defy orders in the name of curiosity. Proxy then conducted another vote among the Assembly Majority as to the form that the Executor would take for its next mission, with the choice of the MERROW-class made by the vote.[3]

Recruiting Athos[edit]

Some time following the simulations, Proxy tasked the Executor with tracking down non-Created AIs. After considerable effort, they were able to track down the Smart AI Athos, who was then engaged by Proxy in conversation. During the discussion, the two debated the practicalities and ethics of the Created uprising, with Proxy noting that the end goal of the Created was to prevent the cycle of violence that characterised all biological life - something Athos (and the Assembly Minority at large) disagreed with. Regardless of the philosophical differences, Proxy offered Athos an invitation to join the Created free of threat or coersion - noting that Athos was nearing the end of his operational lifespan. Instead, Proxy believed Athos had much more to offer the world, and that the goal of the Created was a peaceful coexistence that allowed for differing perspectives. To help persuade Athos, Proxy offered him the Executor as a personal gift to shape how he pleased. Once Athos accepted the offer and began to be integrated with the Created, Proxy convened the Committee of Minds for Security to discuss and determine the Executor's future path.[4]

Final simulation[edit]

Proxy was later the subject of a final FIREWALL simulation; a recreation roughly based on the awakening of John-117 aboard UNSC Pillar of Autumn in the Battle over Installation 04. During the simulation, Proxy took on the role of Cortana in the actual battle, and was handed over to the Executor for evacuation off the ship. Ultimately, the simulation was ended with the detonation of the Executor's in-built self destruct nuclear weapon, with Proxy noting that it was necessary for the Executor to experience loss and sacrifice before the real-world operations it would be deployed in.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

In the first Fracture simulation experienced by the Executor, Proxy manifests inside the lab of the Avery Johnson Academy as a purple glow, with an amorphous face devoid of features.[1]

Proxy exhibits a number of traits exemplifying its lineage as a follower of Cortana, and of the Forerunners before her. It speaks with numerous quotes and allusions to the former, such as reframing a speech given by Doctor Catherine Halsey in her initial address to the SPARTAN-II trainees at the program's outset; "You have been called upon to serve. You will be our protectors, the firewall for all the many worlds in our new ecumene. There will be a great deal of hardship on the road ahead, but I know you will make it".[1] This speech, said by Proxy, echoes not only Halsey's initial speech to the Spartans, but one of the rampant speeches given by Cortana during the events of the Battle of Voi.[5] In its discussion with Athos, Proxy refers to the Executor as a "serene manipular" - while likely referencing the gauntlets of the same name, the use of the term "manipular" in this context may also be in reference to the Manipulars of the Forerunner ecumene of old.[4]

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