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Biographical information

Began service:

Before January 2553[1][2]

Ended service:

July 21, 2557[3][4]




A "thirty-something" woman with variable clothing.[5][6]



Political and military information




Shipboard AI

Service number:

ANE 3567-7


Aine (AI Serial Number: ANE 3567-7) was an artificial intelligence construct built by the United Nations Space Command.[1] She was the original shipboard AI of the UNSC Infinity before her destruction during the Battle of Requiem.[3]


Aine's role was to prepare newly constructed ships for deployment, with her latest assignment being the Infinity. She was to be the temporary AI of Infinity, until Captain Andrew Del Rio picked a permanent AI.[1]

Rebel incursion on Infinity[edit]

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Aine was onboard Infinity when Insurrectionists belonging to Mattius Drake's "New Colonial Alliance" boarded the ship. When the rebels entered the bridge, she instantly recognized Ilsa Zane and was immediately taken offline.[2] The attack was repelled due to the efforts of the SPARTAN-IVs and Commander Lasky. As Spartans Sarah Palmer and Edward Davis cleared the bridge of rebels, Zane engaged Palmer in hand-to-hand combat. In the ensuing fight, Del Rio brought Aine back online, who then activated the ships containment doors which allowed Palmer to knock Zane out into space.[6]

Trial deployment[edit]

In March of 2553, Aine was present aboard Infinity during Fleet Admiral Lord Hood and Admiral Parangosky's inspection of the ship. She was bothered by the recently assigned Huragok, since they didn't document the modifications they made to the ship, leaving her unaware of what they were doing.[7] She participated in the subsequent trial deployment on Sanghelios to test the ship's capabilities in the guise of assisting the Arbiter and his forces in the ongoing Blooding Years.


Despite her being originally intended as a temporary AI to oversee the ship's construction and shakedown,[1] Aine continued to serve as the Infinity's AI for four years until 2557. When the Infinity was hacked by the Forerunner known as the Didact and the ship crashed inside Requiem, Aine was severely damaged by the impact. During the battle, Cortana asked Aine to let her help the ship's crew, but Aine, noticing Cortana's rampancy and the deactivation of her central power core at Cortana's hands, threatened her with locking the AI and John-117 on the ship. In response, Cortana broke down Aine's matrix, killing her.[8] The conversation was recorded as the "Cyroraeth Dialogue", and the story of her death was hidden to the majority of the ship's crew, believing Aine was terminated upon the Infinity's impact on Requiem.[4]

Five months later, she was replaced by Roland.[3]


Like a number of other AIs, Aine was known to alter her holographic avatar on occasion. During the rebel takeover of the ship, she appeared in an elaborate, partially translucent dress with flowers in her hair, matching her namesake from Celtic mythology.[2] Later, when preparing the Infinity for its first trials, she appeared as a "thirty-something" woman wearing baggy white overalls, with safety goggles on her head.[5]


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