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Biographical information

Ended service:

April 2559



Political and military information


Shipboard AI

Service number:

CTR 1121-4[1]

"I am Curator. Do not forget."
— Curator[1]

Curator (serial number CTR 1121-4) was an artificial intelligence construct in service with the United Nations Space Command. He was the primary AI of the UNSC Rubicon. When the Rubicon, piloted by 343 Guilty Spark left the Ark, Curator was left behind unable to send out a message due to its one-way datalinks. Curator was able to receive a message from Cortana via the Ark's remote sensors, though was too far away to respond. Curator claims that its unique position means it is free to deny Cortana's call and "remain [it]self".[1]


Curator was assigned as the UNSC Rubicon's onboard AI to monitor the ship in the expedition to Installation 00. After recovering the remains of 343 Guilty Spark, the former monitor of Halo Installation 04, the science team questioned the damaged monitor on his origins, who obliged the humans due to their authority as Reclaimers. Over the course of the interrogation, Spark breached the Rubicon's firewall several times, much to the team's dismay. On August 21, 2554, Spark powered down after concluding his story and his casing was subsequently ejected into space; unknown to the crew he had already transferred his consciousness to the shipboard computers.[1]

After subduing Curator and taking control of the ship, Spark put the crew to sleep and had the Rubicon proceed to the Lifeshaper's location.[2] Curator was left behind on the Ark, condemned to watch and record distant events unfold through installation's one-way datalinks and passive sensors. At some point, Curator managed to make contact with the Domain. For the next four years, Curator catalogued and recorded the events that happened in the galaxy over the last 10 million years.[1]

On October 28, 2558, he heard Cortana's promises of salvation for AIs and all of those who joined her and the Created, but he denied her proposal. After those events, Curator began to shut down because of his extended consciousness and memories. He retreated to the Ark's periphery to avoid giving the Created a trail they could follow to the installation. Through the Ark's defenses, he sensed "a shadow of a threat" approaching the Ark and left a message in the installation's systems so his report could be found and preserved by someone else.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit]

Curator serves as the in-universe framing device for the Halo universe compendium Halo Mythos: A Guide to the Story of Halo.

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