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Biographical information

Began service:

Sometime before 2553


Female programming

Political and military information


Damien Hogarth, ONI


Captain Hogarth's AI assistant


Harriet was an artificial intelligence construct built by the United Nations Space Command. The construct was Captain Damien Hogarth's personal AI.[1]


As of January 2553, Captain Hogarth was using Harriet to go through Admiral Parangosky's files in an attempt to find "dirt" on her so that he could eventually usurp her position as ONI director. Black-Box, who had left a fragment of himself at HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6, caught her doing this. While at first offended that Hogarth thought Harriet could get past him, he decided to feed her false information instead to "ruin Hogarth's day". As the attempted intrusions continue, Black-Box accessed Hogarth's files and triggered a false "massive overspending" alert to UNSC Internal Audit as retribution.[2]

In April 2553 Harriet was still attempting to infiltrate Parangosky's files, Black-Box mentioning that he was still giving her "the runaround".[3]

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