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Damien Hogarth
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Captain Damien Hogarth is an officer working for the Office of Naval Intelligence.[1].


By October, 2552, Hogarth had worked closely with UNSC Security Council member Colonel James Ackerson and, following Blue Team's return to Earth from Operation: FIRST STRIKE, received his and the Council's approval to conduct full psychological evaluations on the Spartan-IIs to ensure the continued stability of the program. Hogarth employed internal investigator and psychiatrist Veronica Clayton to conduct the evaluations of the Spartans on Cairo Station shortly before the Battle for Earth.[2][3]

In January 2553, he was using his personal AI, Harriet, to search through Admiral Parangosky's files in an attempt to get dirt on her so he could replace her as ONI Director. Black-Box easily detected Harriet's intrusion, and at first decided to feed her false information. As the attempted hacks continue, Black-Box accessed Hogarth's files and triggered a false "massive overspending" alert to UNSC Internal Audit as retribution.[4]

By 2558, Hogarth was "terminated", and his files were released to the UNSC Fleet Security.[2]

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