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Began service:

Before June 2557[1]



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Office of Naval Intelligence


Support Staff for Project BOOKWORM


Thea is a UNSC artificial intelligence assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence's Project BOOKWORM.[1]


Project: BOOKWORM[edit]

Thea's role is to assist with Project BOOKWORM and Thea is one of the few team members aware of the full scope of the project.[1] As the support AI for BOOKWORM she created a report detailing the recovery effort for the UNSC Rubicon on Geranos-a and reviewed footage from the meeting between the Office of Naval Intelligence and Rion Forge on Binterall.[2] Thea was unable to clear up a distortion in the footage from Binterall and, believing something wrong, submitted herself for review.[3] The head of BOOKWORM, Annabelle Richards granted Thea's request but before Thea could undergo review she detected an unusual signal originating near Mount Kilimanjaro.[4]


Thea was likely named after the Greek Titan Theia, who was the goddess of sight and vision.

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