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Project: BOOKWORM is a United Nations Space Command project designed to interview, interrogate, and study 343 Guilty Spark. BOOKWORM has a facility in the town of Voi, with a large-scale computer center designed to cut off Forerunner ancillas from the rest of the the galaxy. The project was formed shortly after the discovery of 343 Guilty Spark's testimony, which was ejected from the UNSC Rubicon in late 2555. The director of the project is ONI Captain Annabelle Richards. The project is heavily compartmentalized, with each division being unaware of the full scope of the project.[1]

Project: BOOKWORM has several objectives such as using 343 Guilty Spark to corroborate the events depicted in the Bornstellar Relation and confirm his own testimony from the Rubicon. Additionally, it is hoped that these studies would lead to longer lifespans for human Smart AIs.[1] BOOKWORM is ultimately about gaining access to the Domain, which ONI viewed as something of a holy grail.[2]

To accomplish these goals Project: BOOKWORM was assigned a prowler, the UNSC Bad Moon Rising, and a six member asset recovery team plucked from various UNSC special forces groups and the Delta-6 candidate pool, led by Captain Hollier. The asset recovery team received training from the Reverse Engineering and Prototyping–Xenotechnology department and the Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group on how to identify and handle Forerunner technology. The team also included a trauma medic and the Smart AI Thea, who is fully aware of the scope of BOOKWORM. Dr. William Iqbal is the head of xenoarcheology at BOOKWORM.[1] Given his considerable experience with Forerunner technologies, Hugo Barton is often used as a consultant by BOOKWORM.[3]

After Rion Forge and her team escaped the Forerunner facility in Mount Kilimanjaro, the BOOKWORM science team started the long process of cataloguing and exploring the mountain facility.[4]

BOOKWORM has also been involved in exploring and researching the ancient ruins discovered on Heian. Following the Created uprising, the researchers on-world elected to stay on Heian and continued to feed their findings to the Office of Naval Intelligence - uncovering potential questions about modern humanity's relationship with the Ancestors.[5]

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