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UNSC Bad Moon Rising
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Eclipse-class prowler


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Captain Hollier




The UNSC Bad Moon Rising is an Eclipse-class prowler in service with the UNSC Navy. In 2557, the vessel served under Captain Annabelle Richards, the former head of special operations in the Office of Naval Intelligence, during her direction of Project BOOKWORM. The ship is captained by Captain Hollier.[1]

Service history[edit]

In June 2557, the Bad Moon Rising and its crew had been out on maneuvers around Titan. This had kept Richards from sending the prowler to investigate a distress signal from the UNSC Rubicon on Geranos-a, an uninhabited planet in the Ibycus system. Instead, she had ordered the nearest ONI vessel in the sector, the UNSC Taurokado to secure the site once it had finished with its own mission .[2]

This distress signal was of particular interest to Richards as the Rubicon was the last known location of Guilty Spark, a key component of Project: BOOKWORM.

After completing their maneuvers, the Bad Moon Rising returned to Richard's base of operation set up on Earth near Voi to prepare for their mission to Geranos-a. A highly-trained six-member asset recovery team was added to the vessel's crew. If all went according to plan, these individuals would capture Guilty Spark place him into the containment chamber installed on the prowler.[3]

However, this particular directive would be a failure. Before the Bad Moon Rising could reach Geranos-a, the crew of the Ace of Spades, a salvager vessel captained by Rion Forge, had already recovered Spark and fled the system.[4]

Forge and ONI Agent Walter Hahn would later arrange a trade for the salvage taken from the wreck of the Rubicon. The Bad Moon Rising would meet the UNSC Taurokado at Binterall, the colony where the deal was to take place.[5] After the trade went south, neither prowler was successful in keeping the Ace from escaping Binterall airspace.[6]


The prowler's name is likely a reference to the song "Bad Moon Rising", by the band Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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