Captain Teach

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Captain Teach
Biographical information

Ended service:

after 2527


Male programming


Had the stereotypical appearance of a pirate, with gold teeth and ebony hair.[1]

Political and military information


United Nations Space Command
Insurrectionists (after hacking)

"Never surrender. Besides, too late for that. Systems are being shut down before they go critical. A pleasure knowing you, lads."
— Captain Teach's last words

Captain Teach was a "dumb" artificial intelligence construct in the service of the United Nations Space Command. His mannerisms, speech, and appearance were inspired by the pirates who stalked the Caribbean and American coasts from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

In 2527, Captain Teach assisted Soren-066, a rogue SPARTAN-II, and his compatriot Partch, a former UNSC technician, in their attempt to escape Reach in a Longsword-class interceptor. Although Captain Teach was a UNSC AI, he was "fast-grafted" by Partch to convert him to the insurrectionist cause. Additionally, despite being a Dumb AI he fondly bid farewell to Soren and Partch. It is assumed he was destroyed when the Longsword crashed into one of Reach's forests.


His name and appearance were inspired by the infamous pirate Edward Teach, more commonly known as Blackbeard.

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  1. ^ Halo: Evolutions, "Pariah", page 50 ("His construct was a pirate captain, bristling with pistols, with a gold-toothed grin and an ebony beard in braids.")