M864 Arctic Warthog

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Arctic Warthog
H3 M864ArcticHog.png
Production information


AMG Transport Dynamics

Product line:



M12 FAV "Warthog"

Technical specifications


M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun


  • Driver (1)
  • Gunner (1)


  • Reconnaissance
  • Anti-infantry




The M864 Arctic Warthog is a variant of the M12 Warthog that is camouflaged and outfitted specifically for expeditions in arctic conditions. Despite these modifications, it does not have the extreme mobility modifications of the M862 variant.[1][2]


The M864 Arctic Warthog one of several Warthogs designed for cold weather fielding. Unlike the M862 Arctic Warthog, the M864 does not feature extensive mobility modifications such as tracks instead of wheels, and enclosed doors for crew comfort. In this regard, it bears more regard for the M12B Warthog's Tundra variant, as it has no external physical change from its base variant aside from a snow camouflage paint job.

Currently-known models of the M864 have only been seen equipped with M41 Vulcan chainguns, like all M12 Chaingun Warthogs.


The M864 appears exclusively on the Halo 3 multiplayer map Avalanche, replacing the standard M12 Warthog available usually in the game. This Warthog, like all other UNSC vehicles on the map, is outfitted with a special snow camouflage more suitable for the map's winter conditions. Despite this, however, it does not have any difference to the regular Warthog available in the game in regards to gameplay mechanics.


The M864 was first identified on the Bungie.net Warthog page,[3] in which the arctic Warthog listed is listed as the M864 A. However, this vehicle is described as having an enclosed passenger compartment and treads in place of wheels, a characteristic more typically associated with the M862 Arctic Warthog.


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