Tundra Warthog

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Tundra Warthog
H5G Scout Tundra.png
Production information


AMG Transport Dynamics

Product line:



M12B FAV "Warthog"

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

  • Increased armor


  • Driver (1)
  • Gunner (1)


  • Light reconnaissance


United Nations Space Command


The Tundra Warthog is a variant of the M12B Warthog platform employed by the UNSC.

Design details[edit]

Main article: M12B Warthog

The Tundra Warthog bears heavy resemblance to its regular M12B counterpart. The primary difference comes in the form of a coating of winter camouflage, similar to the M864 Arctic Warthog's similarity to regular M12 Warthog models as opposed to the radical modifications demonstrated by the M862 Arctic Warthog. The vehicle contains upgraded armour compared to the base M12B and Corporate Warthog variants employed by the Liang-Dortmund Corporation and other private contractors.

Like all other M12B Warthogs, the Tundra Warthog is capable of being fitted with an M343A2 chaingun, M555 Gauss cannon or M80 missile launcher, allowing it to serve in the LRV, anti-armor and rocket roles. The vehicle can also be deployed with no on-board weaponry for scouting and transport purposes.


During the Human-Covenant War, the effects of orbital bombardment forced UNSC forces into usually-inhospitable areas of their planets to hide or raid the Covenant's archaeological digs of buried Forerunner artifacts, necessitating a series of vehicles outfitted for arctic conditions.[1]

The Tundra Warthog is employed by UNSC forces primarily for food and fuel transportation in arctic campaigns.[2]


The Tundra Warthog is available for use in the multiplayer of Halo 5: Guardians. In the Warzone mode, it can be called in as a REQ, while it can also be spawned in Forge mode for use in custom games.

The Tundra Warthog REQ cards have the following stats;

  • Scout
    • Rarity: Common
    • Level: 1
  • Chaingun
    • Rarity: Uncommon
    • Level: 2
  • Rocket
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Level: 4
  • Gauss:
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • Level: 6

Tundra Warthogs, like the Woodland and Urban variants, have 40% more health than a standard Warthog.[3]


A similar Arctic skin for the M12B Warthog is one of the skin options available for the Warthog in Forza 4.


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