Warthog armored personnel carrier

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M12 Warthog APC
Production information

Product line:


Technical specifications


1 driver + 11 passengers



  • Personnel carrier
  • Cargo transport



The Warthog armored personnel carrier is an Insurrectionist ground vehicle.


It is an uncommon variant of the standard M12 Chaingun Warthog, but with a passenger section capable of holding ten passengers bolted between the driver section and the gunner section, resulting in a significant increase in overall length. Conceptually, it is a cousin of the M831 Troop Transport. However, the M831 Troop Transport only seats three human combatants in the back.

The passenger section is not particularly well armored, being vulnerable to the armor-piercing ammunition of most UNSC small arms fire. This section appears to have a roof with a sliding armored section on it, similar in concept to the sun roof of a modern car, perhaps for quick loading and unloading of troops and supplies and to shield its loads from the elements, and any small arms fire.[1]

Operational history[edit]

One was seen used by the Insurrectionists on the planet Victoria in the 111 Tauri System by the SPARTAN-IIs of Blue Team during Operation: SMOKING ACES.[2] It was used to transport the nukes the Spartans were sent to extract.

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