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Project: HOGSTICKER was a project proposed by AMG Transport Dynamics' Motorsport Manager Erik Burch. Burch proposed the creation of a new M12 Warthog variant for competitions, like the RallyHog or the M12 GT variants. This vehicle, dubbed the "Needlehog", would feature a number of exotic composites to reduce weight, the enclosed-cockpit monocoque from the M12 GT for increased structural rigidity and a pair of experimental blamite-afterburners that would provide insane levels of increased thrust on the Needlehog. However, AMG Special Projects Director Tyse Jenkins denied funding for the project because the Needlehog did not fit with any known Warthog series homologation, further noting that he considered the proposal to be too over the top.[1]


TO: E. Burch, Motorsport Manager, AMG Transport Dynamics

FROM: T. Jenkins, Special Projects Director, AMG Transport Dynamics



The motorsport division of AMG Transport Dynamics has a time-honored tradition for flexing their engineering 
muscle through competition, whether it be with their 24 Hours of Quezon-winning prototypes or their dynamic 
and durable RallyHog models. One of their most intriguing projects is a highly modified M12 Warthog called 
Project: HOGSTICKER, which features a number of exotic composites to reduce weight and the enclosed-cockpit 
monocoque from the M12 GT for increased structural rigidity.

The most prominent feature on the peculiar new vehicle is certainly the pair of experimental – and visually 
unmistakable – blamite-afterburners that provide insane levels of increased thrust on demand. Lovingly dubbed 
the “Needlehog” among crew and engineers around the paddock, Project: HOGSTICKER represents a bold and exciting 
new chapter in the Warthog’s already storied history!

POTENTIAL SPONSORS: Fronk's Formed Fish, BLAST Energy Drink, Club Errera

VERDICT: [FUNDING DENIED; Project fits no known series homologation]

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Erik, this is cute, but no. Where in Sam Hill would something like this even compete?! 
I’ve supported plenty of your more… unconventional ideas before, but “blamite afterburners?” That’s over 
the top even for you. Let’s maybe quit the daydreaming and turn our focus back to [REDACTED], shall we?


Production notes[edit]

The Needlehog was created for the video game Rocket League as a playable vehicle. To unlock the Hogsticker in Rocket League, one needs to play and complete one game with every car (excluding future Rocket League DLC, Armadillo, and the DeLorean) in either exhibition, season, private, or public games.

The tires the Hogsticker uses are called Puma after the joke about what the Warthog should be called in Red vs. Blue, and the rocket trail it uses is called the Blamite Overthruster, which shoots out blamite at the back of the vehicle when the thrusters are used.