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#550 Scuderia StarSpeed M-12R

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#550 Scuderia StarSpeed M-12R
Production information


AMG Transport Dynamics

Product line:



M12B FAV "Warthog"

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

  • Significantly increased armor


  • Driver (1)


  • Racing


AMG Transport Dynamics


The #550 Scuderia StarSpeed M-12R,[1] also referred to as the "Rally Warthog"[2] or "RallyHog"[3] is a civilian variant of the M12B Warthog created and employed by AMG Transport Dynamics' competition division for the purpose of racing on New Carthage.[1]

Design details[edit]

Main article: M12B Warthog

The #550 Scuderia StarSpeed M-12R is designed for the high-stakes rally racing on New Carthage, and is designed to survive against deadly wildlife, rugged terrain, heavy weapons, and insane driving skill.[1][4] Fitted with the latest hydrogen-burning turbines[1] for increased speed[2] and ceramic applique armor[1] comparable to that of the Tundra, Woodland and Urban Warthog models employed by the UNSC,[2] the Rally Warthog can handle environmental hazards that would leave even mil-spec vehicles as broken wrecks.[1]

Rally Warthogs have been observed in both Scout configurations with no turret,[5] and in Light Reconnaissance configurations sporting an M343A2 chaingun.[4]

Operational history[edit]

The rally Warthog is designed to compete in New Carthage's extreme rally racing, and has won class victories in the New Carthage Sprint Series and 24 Hours of Quezon races.[1][3][5] They were later incorporated into the War Games simulations for use in training by SPARTAN-IV personnel.[2]


The Rally Warthog appears in Halo 5: Guardians as a vehicle REQ card available for use in the Warzone and Warzone Firefight gamemodes via the requisition system. It was implemented into the game in the Hog Wild update, and is also useable in Forge and custom games.

In Warzone, the Rally Warthog is equipped with a chaingun and is listed as an Uncommon card, requiring REQ level 2 to call in.[4] The Rally Scout Warthog, however, is a common REQ that can be called in at level 1.[5]

In regards to stats, the Rally Warthog variants have 40% more health than a standard Warthog, the same as the Urban, Tundra, Woodland, Vespin and Sword Warthog variants.[6]


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