Tyse Jenkins

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Tyse Jenkins
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AMG Transport Dynamics


Special Projects Director

"Erik, this is cute, but no. Where in Sam Hill would something like this even compete?! I’ve supported plenty of your more… unconventional ideas before, but “blamite afterburners?” That’s over the top even for you. Let’s maybe quit the daydreaming and turn our focus back to [REDACTED], shall we?"
— A note from Tyse to Erik Burch.

Tyse Jenkins is the Special Projects Director at AMG Transport Dynamics.


Tyse Jenkins personally supported a number of unconventional ideas proposed by Erik Burch, the manger of AMG's motorsports division. However, when Burch proposed Project: HOGSTICKER, a plan to create a M12 Warthog with blamite afterburners, Jenkins denied him any funding for what he considered to be an absurd idea. He advised that Erik refocus his attention on a [REDACTED] project instead of wasting his time with such an idea.[1]