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The credit, abbreviated as "cR," is the standard currency of the Unified Earth Government. As of 2558, the Credit is still in use. Credits can be spent in the form of "credit chips," which seem to be similar to a credit card.[1] Humans sometimes casually refer to credits as "credaroos," analogous to the way 20th and 21st century Americans would refer to dollars as "buckaroos."[2]

A Covenant equivalent currency is gekz.[3]

Known costs[edit]


Item Cost per unit
M6/R Spartan Laser(circa 2552) cR 218,000[4]
ARC-920 railgun(circa 2558) cR 63,405[5]
SRS99-S5 AM sniper rifle(circa 2558) cR 8,141[6]
M363 sticky detonator(circa 2558) cR 6,950[5]
M739 Light Machine Gun(circa 2558) cR 3,182[5]
M90A shotgun(circa 2552) cR 2,200<[7]
BR85HB battle rifle(circa 2558) cR 1,906[5]
M395 DMR(circa 2558) cR 1,833[5]
MA5D assault rifle(circa 2558) cR 1,693[5]
MA5C assault rifle(circa 2552) cR 1,686[8]
M6G2 magnum(circa 2552) cR 1,615[9]
M7057 flamethrower(circa 2552) cR 1,520[10]
M7 SMG(circa 2552) cR 1,484[11]
M9 fragmentation grenade(circa 2552) cR 30[12]


Item Cost per unit
M12 Warthog(circa 2552) cR 52,000[13]
2553 Hog - Factory Equipped cR 82,000
2553 Hog - Standard model cR 86,000
2553 Hog - Manual-Transmission Version cR 81,000
2553 Hog - Limited Edition Wood-Trimmed Classic Edition cR 91,000


Item Cost per unit
World Cuisine Moa Burgers cR 7.77 (circa 2552)[14][15]
World Cuisine Extra Lean Burger Combo cR 12.99 (circa 2552)[14]


Item Cost per unit
UEG Violation code 14.40.09(2): Civil penalties for in-flight incident cR 50,000[16]


Halo: Reach[edit]

Credits are the in-game currency used to purchase armor permutations in Halo: Reach. Credits are rewarded from gameplay actions, progression in Commendations, and completing challenges. They also function as Experience points by contributing to the player rank.[17]

Halo: Spartan series[edit]

Credits are used in Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike to purchase additional power weapons, armor abilities and boosters. In Spartan Assault, players can choose to purchase these upgrades by spending XP (earned by playing the game) or by purchasing cR with real-world currency. In Spartan Strike, credits are earned in-game instead of XP, and real-world currency microtransactions are not present.

Halo Infinite[edit]

In Halo Infinite, Halo Credits (shortened as CR) are the in-game currency for purchasing in-game items at the shop, including the Battle Pass and Shop Bundles, both of which may include consumables like the Double XP Booster and Challenge Swaps, armor customization, armor coatings, and weapon coatings. These are purchased with real-world currency.


  • Despite the universal usage of credits as currency throughout the UEG, "dollars" have occasionally been mentioned in reference to the standing unit of currency in the Halo universe. In the original edition of Halo: The Fall of Reach, it is mentioned that "trillions of dollars" have been spent in the research of Covenant culture,[18] although this is changed to "credits" in the 2010 reissue.[19] In Halo: Glasslands, Admiral Parangosky states that Dr. Halsey escaped with "billions of dollars' worth of UNSC resources".[20] In the trailer of Halo 3: ODST, there are monitors that are intended to announce information to citizens. One of the messages says "Your tax dollars at work." However, this can be understood as an idiomatic usage of the iconic phrase as opposed to a literal reference to the functioning currency.
  • In Halo: The Fall of Reach, when meeting John-117 for the first time and showing him an antique US quarter, Dr. Halsey states that "People used coins like this for currency a long time ago, when Earth was the only planet we lived on," suggesting that there are no coins or papers used in the 26th century.[21] However, in the Audio logs in Halo 3: ODST, an old woman is heard breaking an ATM with money in the form of coins and presumably paper coming out. Another ATM, found in gameplay, which also houses an audio log, is also constantly spitting out money until the Audio Log is collected. It is unknown whether this is an oversight or if the currency is different than credits. However, in light of the information in ODST, Halsey's comment could be interpreted as referring to the specific type of coin alone, as opposed to physical currency altogether.
  • If a Marine is killed with friendly fire in Halo 3, another one may say "Okay, now you owe me twenty credits!"
  • The headhunters Jonah-B283 and Roland-B210 would constantly bet twenty credits while on missions.
  • The Warthog trailer for Forza Motorsport 4 lists the price of the 2554 M12 Warthog as 343,000 cR, which serves as a reference to 343 Industries rather than a canon price. Note that Forza also uses cR as currency to purchase vehicles, but does not serve as a reference to Halo.


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