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Gekz was a form of currency among the Covenant client species.[1]


Design details[edit]

Gekz is a currency used by the Covenant client species during its reign.[1] After the fall of the Covenant Great Schism in 2552 it saw continued use despite the lack of the Covenants treasury checks and minutely detailed systems.[2]

Gekz could be transferred via electronic means,[3] although small sums were commonly paid in physical tokens following the Covenant's fragmentation.[2]


Gekz is a currency used by the Covenant client species. After the Great Schism in 2552 it saw continued use,[1] and was still used on Suban.[4]

When Sav Fel stole Pious Inquisitor, Avu Med 'Telcam put out a reward of 80,000 gekz for the return of the ship, which the Skirmisher Chol Von accepted.[1] A fifty-gekz chip was enough for Chol Von to bribe an Unggoy caretaker on the Station of Constant Sustenance.[2][Note 1]

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  1. ^ When discussing Pious Inquisitor, the currency is spelled as "gekz". Later on in the novel, when smaller sums are involved, the spelling "gezk" is used instead. The form "gez" is also encountered once (page 164), within the context of a Kig-Yar food market, with specific items costing one, two, and half a "gez". It is uncertain whether these are separate subunits of the currency or if they are meant to be the same unit, one or two of the spellings being typographical errors.


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