Station of Constant Sustenance

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The Station of Constant Sustenance is a former Covenant resupply station located near the Korfo system on the edge of Covenant-controlled space.


The station was one of a network of resupply stations scattered throughout Covenant space. Its purpose was to serve as a supply depot for lone ships traveling without the fleet replenishment support of an agricultural ship.[1] In early 2553, after the fall of the Covenant, Eith Mor with some other Kig-Yar began stripping the station's cables and metal sheetings. At that time Shipmistress Chol Von was searching for him on Eayn and had Eith's cousin Huz Mor-Kha contact him about a job in order to question Eith about the whereabouts of Pious Inquisitor.[2] Von and her crew traveled to the station aboard Paragon and tracked down Eith Mor after questioning a lone Unggoy in the former station controller's office. Mor attempted to escape but was caught and interrogated by Von after a brief chase. Satisfied with the information she had gained, Chol Von and her crew then left the station.

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