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Huz Mor-Kha
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Tilu City, Eayn

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Cousin of Eith Mor


Huz Mor-Kha is a Kig-Yar scrap dealer operating in the post-Human-Covenant War era.[1]


Huz lives on the Kig-yar homeworld of Eayn. His clan's territory is located in Tilu City, where he processes metal at his workshop on the Riran highway. His cousin Eith Mor serves as a lieutenant of shipmaster Sav Fel.

In 2553, Huz was visited by shipmistress Chol Von and Zim, who were tracking his cousin Eith in the hopes of locating the battlecruiser Pious Inquisitor. Huz reluctantly contacted Eith and informed Chol that he was on the Covenant resupply station of Constant Sustenance. Huz became uneasy by Chol and Zim's presence and reached into his leather apron. Zim quickly struck Huz down and drew his pistol on Huz's face. When asked why he would draw out a weapon, Huz told them they were trying to muscle in on his supplier. Chol assured him that they weren't and just wanted information on shipmaster Fel. After being bribed with a yellow beryl pendant, Huz told her that Fel lived on a world he only knew as Fen-Es-Ya. Chol and Zim then left his workshop and sought out Eith in the Korfo system.[2]

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