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Zim is a Kig-Yar operating in the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War.[1]


Before 2553, the shipmistress, Chol Von, had used Zim as a scout on several missions. In April 2553, he attended a gathering on Dal'koth, Chol Von noted that the years were not kind to Zim as he looked thin and bedraggled. When Isk informed the Kig-Yar that Shipmaster Sav Fel possessed the Pious Inquisitor and that Avu Med 'Telcam was offering a reward for the return of the ship, Zim asked how much he was offering. Isk told him the reward was eighty-thousand gekz, which Zim felt was not worth the task. When Chol took up the contract, Zim told she was crazy, wondering what she would do with it, later assuming she could strip it for parts.[2]

Zim later met with Chol at the port of Ap'ot to be recruited aboard her ship, the Paragon. After gathering enough crew members, Chol and Zim traveled to Eayn to track down Eith Mor, a known associate of Sav Fel. Upon arriving in Tilu City, they came across Huz Mor-Kha, Eith's cousin. They inquired him about his cousin's whereabouts and learned that Eith was at the Station of Constant Sustenance. Huz became uneasy by Chol and Zim's presence and reached into his leather apron. Zim quickly struck Huz down and drew his pistol on Huz's face. When Zim asked why he would draw out a weapon on Chol, Huz accused them of trying to muscle in on his supplier. Chol assured him that they weren't and just wanted information on Shipmaster Fel. After being bribed by Chol, Huz told her that Fel lived on a world he only knew as Fen-Es-Ya. Chol and Zim then left his workshop and sought out Eith in the Korfo system.[3]

Arriving and docking at Constant Sustenance, Chol left Zim to look after the Paragon while she searched the station for Eith. Von succeeded to tracking down Eith. Mor attempted to escape but was caught and interrogated by Chol after a brief chase. Eith revealed that Sav Fel was on the human colony of Venezia. Satisfied with the information she had gained, Chol Von return to her ship and told Zim to lay a course for the Qab system.[4] After the Paragon arrived over Venezia, Chol, Bakz, and Nulm took one of the ship's shuttles to the surface of the planet. When they returned to the Paragon having kidnapped Fel, the Kig-Yar plotted a course for the Inquisitor.[5]

Upon arriving at the Shaps system, where the Pious Inquisitor was, Skal the navigator asked if they should contact 'Telcam. Chol then informed the crew of her plan to board the ship and take it for herself. Zim told Chol they had only agreed to be paid for locating the ship. Chol assured Zim and the rest of the crew that they would be paid and proceeded to give their payments at that moment. Satisfied, the crew obeyed and had the Paragon connect with the Inquisitor with an umbilical and cut into the battlecruiser.[6] While Chol and fifteen other Kig-Yar boarded the Inquisitor, the rest of the crew, including Zim and Fel, remained aboard the Paragon.[7]

However, the battlecruiser's Huragok, Sometimes Sinks, soon sent the Inquisitor into slipspace. When the Inquisitor jumped into slipspace, it ripped out the Paragon's umbilical and presumably killed crew members Lig and Ved in the hangar bay. Chol wondered if her missionary ship had sustained damage, seeing as the Paragon was in close proximity when the battlecruiser entered slipspace.[8] Chol also noted that while Zim was loyal and would never betray her, Paragon's crew had already been paid and had no incentive to hold out for her.[9]

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