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Nulm is a Kig-Yar who served in Chol Von's crew while she searched for the Pious Inquisitor.[1]


Nulm and another Kig-Yar, Bakz, were the biggest and most aggressive of Chol Von's crew. For this reason she had them escort her around the Station of Constant Sustenance while she searched for Eith Mor. When she began searching for Eith Mor she had Nulm and Bakz check everyone leaving their deck to make sure they are who they said they were. They said they would stop any trying to run past them after she accessed the public address system. When Chol learned he may be on the Distant Beacon, Nulm volunteered to check if Eith was not already aboard. When Bakz spotted him Chol Von told him to leave Nulm on the door while she approached Eith from above. Chol interrogated Eith, eventually getting enough information, locating Sav Fel on Venezia. Later, when they reached Venezia Nulm and Bakz escorted Chol to New Tyne, when they located Sav Fel he tried to leave for business he had at the mines. Nulm and Bakz approached him and pinned him against his Warthog.[2]

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