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Bakz is a Kig-Yar who served in Chol Von's crew while she searched for the Pious Inquisitor.[1]


Bakz was aboard Ap'ot port when the T'vaoan Shipmistress Chol Von hired him to be a part of her crew to help her search for the Pious Inquisitor.

Bakz and another Kig-Yar, Nulm, were the biggest and most aggressive of Chol Von's crew. For this reason she had them escort her around the Station of Constant Sustenance while she searched for Eith Mor. When she began searching for Eith Mor she had Bakz and Nulm check everyone leaving their deck to make sure they are who they said they were. They said they would stop any trying to run past them after she accessed the public address system. While searching for Eith, Bakz saw him on the gantry above the docking deck, and contacted Chol Von to ask if he should pursue him. She told him to leave Nulm on the door and she would approach Eith from above. Chol interrogated Eith, eventually getting enough information, locating Sav Fel on Venezia.[2]

Later, when they reached Venezia, Nulm and Bakz escorted Chol to New Tyne. When they located Sav Fel, he tried to leave for business he had at the mines. Nulm and Bakz approached him and pinned him against his Warthog.[3] When they returned to the Paragon with Fel, the Kig-Yar plotted a course for the Inquisitor. Chol had Bakz lock down all communications on the ship to prevent others from learning that they had discovered the ship's location.[4]

Upon discovering the Pious Inquisitor, Bakz and Chol led the boarding party to capture the ship.[5] When the Huragok aboard the ship, Sometimes Sinks, attempted to prevent the Kig-Yar from taking control, Chol attempted to send Bakz and a team back to the Paragon with Noit. However, the Huragok locked Bakz, Chol and Noit in a compartment on the cruiser. Suddenly, the ship unexpectedly entered slipspace when the Paragon was still docked nearby. With a set of laser-cutters, the Kig-Yar were eventually able to escape the compartment they were trapped in. The three eventually made their way to the bridge of the Inquisitor.[6] While attempting to take over the ship, it was boarded by the human special forces team Kilo-Five. The team's AI, Black-Box, was inserted into the vessel's systems and began to taunt the Kig-Yar at the bridge.[7] When Naomi-010 entered the Inquisitor's bridge, Noit was killed by the Spartan, but Von and Bakz were able to escape.[8] Von ordered Ril to detonate the ship's plasma torpedo reserves to destroy the Inquisitor and Bakz fled the vessel with the surviving Kig-Yar.[9]

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