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Noteworthy crewmembers:

Skal - navigator[1]

Known commanders:

Chol Von



Paragon, formerly known as Joyous Discovery, was a Covenant missionary ship in use during the Human-Covenant War and later in the post-war era.[2]

Operational history[edit]

Originally this ship was known as the Joyous Discovery and was captained by the Kig-Yar Shipmistress Chol Von. During the Great Schism, Chol Von took the ship for herself and renamed it Paragon.[3] After the war, Von stored the ship in the Ap'ot Port and used it during her quest to track down and seize the battlecruiser Pious Inquisitor. Chol knew that Kig-Yar Sav Fel was in possession of the battlecruiser and she would need to find him. She gathered a crew of Kig-Yar that were in Ap'ot, including Zim, a former scout that served under Von.[4] Von took the Paragon to Eayn, to look for Eith Mor, an associate of Sav Fel. At Eayn, she only found Eith's cousin, who sent her to Eith's location at the Station of Constant Sustenance.[5]

The Paragon arrived and docked with the station.[6] Von succeeded to tracking down Eith. Mor attempted to escape but was caught and interrogated by Von after a brief chase. Eith revealed that Sav Fel was on the human colony of Venezia. Satisfied with the information she had gained, Chol Von and her crew then left the station.[7] After, the Paragon arrived over Venezia. Chol, Bakz, and Nulm, took one of the ship's shuttles to the surface of the planet. After interrogating and taking Fel along, the Paragon departed Venezia to go to the Inquisitor's location.[8]

Upon arriving at the Shaps system, where the Pious Inquisitor was, Chol realized that the Inquisitor was in lock-down. Instead, she had the Paragon connect with the Inquisitor with an umbilical and they cut into the battlecruiser.[9] While Chol and fifteen other Kig-Yar boarded the Inquisitor, the rest of the crew, including Zim and Fel, remained aboard the Paragon.[10]

However, the battlecruiser's Huragok, Sometimes Sinks, sent the Inquisitor into slipspace. When the Inquisitor jumped into slipspace, it ripped out the Paragon's umbilical and presumably killed Lig and Ved in the hangar bay. In addition, the Paragon was in close proximity when the battlecruiser entered slipspace, possibly damaging the missionary ship.[11] Later, Chol and her remaining crew let the Inquisitor in shuttlecraft, after setting it to explode, to look for the Paragon.[12]


The Paragon had at least sixteen Kig-Yar serving aboard it in April 2553.

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