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Noit was a Kig-Yar who served in Chol Von's crew while she searched for the Pious Inquisitor.[1]


Noit was aboard Ap'ot port when the T'vaoan Shipmistress Chol Von hired him to be a part of her crew to help her search for the Pious Inquisitor.

After boarding the Pious Inquisitor, Chol Von had Noit accompany her, along with Bakz and several others. When the doors would not open, Noit was ordered to bypass the controls. After several doors Noit was growing frustrated with all the locks. When he went to access one, he found it had been sabotaged by Sometimes Sinks and cursed the Huragok for it. When Von could not contact Zim on the Paragon, she sent Bakz with a team back to the ship, having Noit go with him to open the doors and to retrieve a set of laser-cutters.[2]

Noit and Bakz soon returned to Von, as they were unable to leave the Inquisitor.[3] When the Inquisitor entered slipspace, Sinks trapped Noit, Bakz, and Von in a compartment of the ship. Eventually, the three Kig-Yar were able to escape the compartment and made their way to the ship's bridge.[4] While attempting to take over the ship, it was boarded by the human special forces team Kilo-Five. The team's AI, Black-Box, was inserted into the vessel's systems and began to taunt the Kig-Yar at the bridge. When Naomi-010 entered the Inquisitor's bridge, Noit attempted to fend her off with his gun, but he was quickly killed. Bakz attempted to help him, but realized that he was dead. Noit succeeded in distracting Naomi, allowing Von and Bakz to escape.[5]

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