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Tilu City




Tilu City is a city on Eayn.[1] The wealthier residents in Tilu lived in the middle of the city, while poorer residents lived on the city outskirts.[1] A teahouse, visited by Kig-Yar shipmasters, was located in a park in the city, with Riran highway on the outskirts of Tilu.[1]


Tilu City is likely very old as Chol Von referred to it as one of the cradles of Kig-Yar civilization. The city was around before the Covenant's discovery of the Kig-Yar in 1342. As such, many Kig-Yar business owners in the city would advertise that their shop was around before the Covenant arrival. Modern expansion of the city had began beyond the city's older southern walls.[1] Tilu consisted of narrow streets and numerous merchants trying to sell their wares. Tilu was located in the Mor clan's territory, for this reason Chol Von searched here for one of Sav Fel's lieutenants, Eith Mor, in April 2553.[1]

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