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M9 High Explosive-Dual Purpose Antipersonnel Grenade
Halo3 M9 HE-DP Grenade.jpg
Official Designation: M9 HE-DP Grenade
Diameter: 9.4 cm (3.7 in.)
Weight: .4 kg (.875 lbs)
Filler: .19 kg of ComL
Killing radius: 5 meters (16 ft)
Casualty radius: 15 meters (49.5 ft)
Unit Replacement Cost: cR. 30


Fragmentation grenades are simple explosives, designed to send razor-sharp shrapnel hurtling with great force into enemy positions. A simple digital timer fuse detonates a primer explosive, which in turn triggers the larger explosive within the grenade’s body. The force of the explosion shatters the grenade’s steel casing along predetermined paths; these pieces of metal (roughly 5mm by 1mm) inflict multiple injuries within a radius of approximately 15 – 50 feet.


Although the M9 HE-DP grenade is primarily an anti-personnel weapon it can be used to suppress or disable vehicles, except tanks. The M9 can also be thrown, rolled, bounced or ricocheted into places direct fire weapons can’t reach.


“Grenades are not something you throw just because you see bad guys. Make sure you know where your squad is at, make sure it’s only the bad guys you’re gonna blow up, then chuck the damage.”

“This is my third tour and I’ve seen action on a half dozen planets—I’ve also seen about five different versions of the M9. Not like em nine eh through em nine ee, but totally different fragmentation grenades called em nine. I guess that’s one of the consequences of being part of a galactic empire [laughter] I said galactic empire!”

“The grenade detonated directly beneath the Ghost and sent it and the driver tumbling through the air; the remainder of 1st squad dispatched the Brute and secured the enemy vehicle.”

“There ain’t a magical wall at fifteen meters—had a hole punched in my cheek at about ninety meters over a year ago back on Ballast. Could’a lost an eye or even been killed. Remember when you hear that call or a thump to keep your head down.”

“…bounced off of the loading ramp and exploded above head level (2.4 meters) killing the Brute SL and disrupting the remaining Grunts.”

“Well it’s a grenade innit? It blows up.”

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