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M7 / Caseless Submachine Gun
M7-Caseless SMG.jpg
Official designation: M7/Caseless SMG
Length (extended): 62.7 cm (24.68 in.)
Length (retracted): 47.4 cm (18.66 in.)
Length (barrel): 15 cm (5.9 in.)
Weight (empty): 1.3 kg (2.86 lbs)
Weight (loaded): 2.88 kg (6.36 lbs)
Cartridge: 5mm x 23 caseless
Max. effective range: 50 meters (155 ft)
Muzzle velocity: 427 m/s (1300 f/s)
Magazine capacity: 60 rounds
Rate of fire: 900 rnds/min
Unit Replacement cost: cR. 1484


The M7 submachine gun is gas-operated and magazine-fed. It fires 5mm x 23 caseless ammunition.


Recoil from all but sustained fire is very controllable. Although the M7 submachine-gun is primarily issued to vehicle crews, it is also a favorite of commando teams in its sound suppressed version – the M7S.

Sustained automatic fire tends to cause the muzzle to “walk” upwards as recoil compounds. Submachine guns, while not accurate over long distances, are particularly effective at close quarters.


“[The] recoil isn’t bad but the [M7] itself is relatively light. Not unpleasant to shoot, but a little tricky to control—it’s all about controlling the impulse.”

“It’s actually comparable in weight to the M6—favorably, in fact. That and not having to worry about the odd casing dropping down your boot makes it a pretty clear choice which one I think is the better system.”

“Yes; I have fired it one-handed with the stock collapsed and the foregrip folded. No; I was not driving at the time—I was shotgun. Did I hit anything? Don’t know—probably never will—no more bogeys afterwards, though.”

“It’s not a deathray but nobody likes getting shot. Not even bravo kilos. And you can fill the air with a lot of lead with an [M7].

“I’ve seen a Spartan use two at once—tearing the xxxx out of the little ones; sending the big ones down in bloody heaps. But I guess that’s what ya gotta be to pull it off: an action-movie hero or a seven-foot-tall walking tank.”

“The M7 is the wave of the future. Hopefully the romeo echo mike foxtrots will finally realize the benefits of caseless ammunition.”

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