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The matchmaking screen of the Alpha

The Halo Online Closed Alpha, was a phase of the development of Halo Online, produced by Saber Interactive and organized by Microsoft Game Studios. It was publicly announced by a post on Halo Waypoint.[1] The alpha ran from April 6 through September 11, 2015 only in russia.[2][3]

Pre alpha announcement Trailer[edit]

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Before the Alpha began. Saber Interactive released a trailer in March 26, 2015 on YouTube, showing the first in-game gameplay of Halo: Online, displaying the return of some weapons of Halo 3 and the introduction of new armors. A lot of the content in the trailer was not present, or had their name changed, or design changed before the Alpha started.[4]



On April 6th 2015 the Halo Online closed Alpha test started,[2] and a special armor was given to people who played on that day during the Alpha to signify they were their day one. The Closed Alpha's servers were only active for small hours during the day. All players' stats and progress, were wiped after the closed alpha finished on September 11th 2015[3]

Closed Alpha Updates[edit]

Halo Online Update 1.jpg

Update 1[edit]

On June 1, 2015 an update was released for the closed Alpha build that included[5]

  • 3 new armor modifications: The Bombing, Protective scope, and Camouflage.

The bombing: Allows you to throw a few grenades at once.
Protective Scope: Creates a spherical barrier, impervious to virtually all types of projectiles. Living beings, however, can easily pass through it.
Camouflage: refract light around the fighter, making it a little while partially invisible.

Halo Online Update 2.jpg

Update 2[edit]

On June 18th 2015 an update was released for the closed Alpha build that included[6]

  • New weapons were added: MA5D assault rifle Damage, and BR85HB battle rifle Damage.
  • 5 new armor modifications: De-energizing, Enhanced Radar, influx of energy, Suppression radar, Energy pack.

De-energizing - generates EMI , incapacitating the enemy shields and equipment within range. Active takpak.
Enhanced Radar - Increases the range of the radar and its sensitivity . Support Package.
The influx of energy - increases energy regeneration. Support Package.
Suppression radar - disables the motion sensor enemies , bringing them decoys . Active takpak.
Dop.zaryad energy - gives an extra boost of energy . Support Package.

  • You could now also move the location of the weapon sight from either the center or like other halo games.
Halo Online Update 3.jpg

Update 3[edit]

On July 2nd 2015 an update was released for the closed alpha build that included[7][8]

  • 5 new emblems
  • 3 maps: Bridge, Closed Area, and Hangar
  • 3 New armor: BASTION-class Mjolnir, SCEPTRE-class Mjolnir, and MIRMILLION-class Mjolnir.
Halo Online Update 4.jpg

Update 4[edit]

On July 21, 2015 an update was released for the closed alpha build that included[9]

  • 4 New armor: HALBERD-class Mjolnir, STRIDER-class Mjolnir, SABOTEUR-class Mjolnir, and SADIST-class Mjolnir.
  • 5 new emblems.
  • Plus various other bug fixes and features.
Halo Online Update 5.jpg

Update 5[edit]

On August 14, 2015 an update was released for the closed alpha build that included[10]


Halo Online's Alpha codename was 'Eldorado'.



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