Pilvros Municipal Support Facility

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The facility's logo.

"Commissioned for the people of Pilvros City, supporting life and safety."
— The facility's motto.

The Pilvros Municipal Support Facility was a facility located in Pilvros, New Carthage. Part of the facility served as a thermonuclear power plant, while another section was used for water treatment.[Note 1] A part of the city's tram network ran through the facility. At some point the nuclear reactor began to fail and the city was forced to evacuate. Before the reactor went critical, a team was sent to the site to retrieve environment scans of the facility for study in the hope of preventing similar accidents in the future.[1] In 2558, the UNSC Infinity's SPARTAN-IV complement used a simulation of the facility around the time of the evacuation for their War Games training.[2]


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  1. ^ CIO2, or Chlorine dioxide, tanks can be found on Perdition, CIO2 is used primarily in water treatment.


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