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This article is about the multiplayer map. For the planet, see Harvest.
Map overview


Halo 4

Map designation:

War Games Map_Set/: 309-8[1][2]


Tether base of Tiara Station, Utgard, Harvest


Rocky plains, human agricultural structures

Gameplay overview

Recommended number of players:


Recommended gametype(s):

Similar to those found on other agrarian worlds, the impressive tether network was used to ferry resources off-planet.

Harvest is a Halo 4 multiplayer map. It is one of three maps in the Crimson Map Pack. [3]


Harvest is set on the eponymous planet. Prior to the planet's destruction at the hands of the Covenant in 2525, the UNSC maintained extensive scans of the Tiara tether complex, which were later uploaded to War Games databases for SPARTAN-IV training simulations.[2]

Four of the Tiara's seven space elevators can be seen in the map's skybox. Inside the complex, packaged plants can be seen inside several of the buildings and a large automated crane moves about above the map.


Harvest is the second level in multiplayer to feature a moving train. The first level to feature this was Terminal in Halo 2.