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This article is about the multiplayer map. For the planet, see Harvest.
Map overview


Halo 4

Map designation:

War Games Map_Set/: 309-8[1]


Tether base of Tiara Station, Utgard, Harvest


Rocky plains, human agricultural structures

Gameplay overview

Recommended number of players:


Recommended gametype(s):

Similar to those found on other agrarian worlds, the impressive tether network was used to ferry resources off-planet.

Harvest is a Halo 4 multiplayer map. It is one of three maps in the Crimson Map Pack. [2]


The level appears to take place prior to the Human-Covenant War which can be supported by the presence of 4 of the Tiara space tethers. It is presumably in a loading station for the tethers, as packaged plants can be seen inside several of the buildings and a large automated crane moved about above the map.


Harvest is the second level in multiplayer to feature a moving train. The first level to feature this was Terminal in Halo 2.



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