Assassination of Parg Vol

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Skirmish at Two Giants


Battle of Galileo Base

Assassination of Parg Vol
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Post-Covenant War conflicts


February 2558


"The Gate," Requiem, Epoloch system


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"Job's simple: hit Parg Vol's camp hard, leave nothing standing."
— Sarah Palmer[1]

During the Requiem Campaign, a mission was undertaken by Fireteam Crimson to assassinate the Sangheili terrorist Parg Vol.[1]


In February 2558 during the Requiem Campaign, known Sangheili terrorist and associate of Jul 'Mdama Parg Vol was detected in the area known as "Quarry" on Requiem. Fireteam Crimson was dispatched by Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer,[2] who had previously encountered Parg Vol during the Battle of Draetheus V,[3] to hunt down and assassinate him. However, when the Spartans closed in on him, Vol escaped by Phantom.[2]

After his escape from "Quarry," Vol was spotted near Galileo Base during a Covenant attack there, but escaped once again shortly after Crimson's arrival to fend off the attack.[4] However, the UNSC got solid intel on Vol's location at the end of the Skirmish at Two Giants[5] and Crimson was redeployed to the Forerunner structure known as "the Gate" which had been retaken by the Covenant and reinforced with roughly company strength force.[1]


Eliminating Parg Vol[edit]

Fireteam Crimson was dropped off near "the Gate" by a Pelican, where they were immediately faced with roughly company strength Covenant forces protecting Parg Vol, including Covenant watchtowers and Kig-Yar Snipers. Despite the heavy resistance, the Spartans were able to fight their way up the structure, where Vol was armed with a fuel rod gun. Crimson managed to kill the Covenant forces protecting Vol and then killed Parg Vol himself, with Spartan Jared Miller confirming the kill.[1]

Covenant retaliation[edit]

Robert Dalton: "Commander Palmer, tell Crimson to get ready. The locals are upset and headed their way."
Sarah Palmer: "Few things make me happier than upsetting the Covenant. Spartans! Ready up."
— Robert Dalton and Sarah Palmer just before the Covenant show up.[1]

As Miller celebrated their success, Spartan Robert Dalton brought the news that his death had enraged the Covenant, and they were on their way to take revenge. Drop pods and Phantoms began deploying massive numbers of Covenant troops, including a Mgalekgolo pair. As Fireteam Crimson struggled to hold off the increasing number of enemy troops, Sarah Palmer ordered Dalton to send in air support to help Crimson as well as heavy weapons in ordnance pods.[1]

After Crimson managed to eliminate all the ground troops, four Phantoms teamed up together to try to take out Crimson with their cannons rather than with ground troops. As Crimson sought cover, a flight of F-41 Broadswords dispatched by Dalton from the UNSC Infinity arrived and destroyed the Phantoms with a missile strike, ending the attack.[1]


"Crimson? Damn fine work today. Once you're back to the ship, first round's on me."
— Sarah Palmer congratulating Fireteam Crimson.[1]

With all the Covenant troops eliminated, Robert Dalton was able to send in a Pelican to extract Fireteam Crimson. Extremely pleased with the successful assassination of Parg Vol, Commander Sarah Palmer congratulated Crimson.[1]

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