Raid on Apex

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Escape from Librarian's Rest, Invasion of the UNSC Infinity


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Raid on Apex


Post-Covenant War conflicts


"Apex", Requiem, Epoloch system


  • Decisive UNSC victory
    • Portals at "Apex" shut down
    • "Apex" captured by UNSC forces
  • None
  • Heavy

"Spartans don't leave unfinished business, so it's back to "Apex." Once the area is cleared, Fireteam Lancer is scheduled to babysit."
— Jared Miller[1]

During the Requiem Campaign, Fireteam Crimson launched a raid on the location known as "Apex" in order to capture it for the UNSC.


On a previous mission, Fireteam Crimson had been sent to "Apex" to take the area and shut down the Forerunner portal system being used by the Covenant and Prometheans. However, the mission was interrupted by the UNSC Infinity being invaded by enemy forces. Crimson was forced to abandon the mission and return to the Infinity to aid in the defense of the ship.[2]


Closing the portals[edit]

Fireteam Crimson was redeployed by Pelican to "Apex" to take the area. Noticing that the Covenant had portals set up to bring in reinforcements, Spartan Jared Miller ordered Crimson to shut them down. Crimson battled their way through heavy Covenant forces, including Ghosts, as Commander Sarah Palmer came back online. Crimson eventually reached a shield wall blocking their way forward, but Miller located a maintenance panel for it and determined that if Crimson overloaded the fusion coils, it would take down the shield. Following Palmer and Miller's instructions, Crimson brought down the shield, resulting in an explosion from the way it was taken down. Fighting their way forward, Crimson located the first portal and cleared out the Covenant in the area before shutting it down.

With the first portal closed, Miller directed Crimson in the direction of the remaining two portals. Crimson battled their way through more Covenant, including a cloaked Sangheili Zealot, before they reached an open area where heavy orbital insertion pods deployed more Covenant reinforcements. Despite the heavy Covenant presence, Crimson eventually managed to reach and close the second portal. Crimson was then able to fight their way to the third portal and shut it down as well, preventing the Covenant from using "Apex's" portals to bring in any more reinforcements.[1]

Clearing the area[edit]

As Miller and Palmer celebrated Crimson's success, Robert Dalton made contact with the news that a Wraith was inbound on Crimson's position. Moments later, a Phantom dropped off a Wraith backed up by Covenant infantry. Crimson managed to take out the Covenant forces, and Miller confirmed for Palmer that Fireteam Lancer was ready to babysit the area as soon as they were given the sign.

Palmer ordered Crimson to mark a landing zone for Lancer. Crimson fought their way through more Covenant forces to the base of the Forerunner structure and cleared the area before marking the location for Lancer to land. With the landing zone cleared, Crimson was given an extraction point for their own pickup and were ordered to make their way to it and clear it out.

As Crimson fought their way to the landing zone, Miller picked up a strange signal on a Covenant frequency, which he eventually determined to be an SOS in Morse code. As the Covenant didn't use Morse code, Miller promised to keep an eye out for the strange signal. However, as Crimson reached the extraction point, Covenant reinforcements arrived in drop pods. Crimson managed to clear out the Covenant and Dalton directed a Pelican to their location for extraction.[1]


As Fireteam Crimson awaited the arrival of the Pelican to extract them, the UNSC Infinity received a distress call from Fireteam Majestic, who were being shelled by the Covenant and needed help. As the Pelican picked Crimson up, Palmer had them redeployed to aid Majestic.[1] Alongside Fireteam Kodiak, Crimson assaulted the Covenant batteries at "Cyclone" and destroyed them, saving Majestic.[3]

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