Skirmish at Two Giants

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Assassination of Parg Vol

Skirmish at Two Giants
From Catherine/Spartan Mountain on the MCC version of Halo 4.


Post-Covenant War conflicts


February 2558


"Two Giants," Requiem, Epoloch system





During the Requiem Campaign, a skirmish took place at Two Giants between forces of the UNSC Infinity and Jul 'Mdama's Covenant.[2][1]


Rescuing Mountain Squad[edit]

Mountain Squad engaged with Covenant forces. Fireteam Crimson was deployed by Spartan Palmer in the middle of the fighting, though contact with the Infinity was lost soon after. The forces of Fireteam Crimson and Mountain Squad joined together to fight back. They eventually pushed back and destroyed the jammer blocking communications.[2]

Studying the area[edit]

At the request of Infinity Science, Fireteam Crimson was tasked with studying the towers in the canyon. This involved bringing down the shields of those towers while intermittently fighting Covenant forces. With the shields knocked down, Dr. Catherine Halsey was brought on station to study the towers. Crimson activated the tower at the doctor's request. This generated a vast amount of data for examination. Immediately after this, the Covenant returned and were eliminated. Crimson was ordered to return to Mountain Squad's Pelican.[2]

Defending the canyon[edit]

After regrouping at Mountain's Pelican, further Covenant forces mobilized onto the canyon. Previous Marine forces had established several turrets in the canyon. Crimson began to active them while fighting off the Covenant including Wraiths. In a lull during combat, several Pelicans offloaded Mantises onto the field. The Covenant began to launch a large air assault on Crimson with a Zanar-pattern light cruiser moving in to attack. Spartan Palmer requested to extract Crimson. Crimson continued to hold ground as the cruiser moved into position over the battlefield. Infinity Sub-Vessel 3 arrived on station and destroyed the cruiser, allowing Crimson to escape.[1]


Following their successful extraction, Fireteam Crimson was quickly redeployed to hunt down Parg Vol.[1]


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