Memento Mori

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Infinity discovers the truth about Forerunner Prometheans.

Memento Mori is the fifth episode of Spartan Ops. It was released on December 3, 2012. In this episode, Jul 'Mdama's ultimate plan nears success, the Infinity's command crew makes a discovery that changes everything they thought they knew about the Forerunner Prometheans and the Spartans must attempt to rescue one of their own.


# Name Location Description
1 Spartan Miller The Gate "Infinity Science requests Spartan aid investigating anomalies in Requiem-wide portal system."
2 Nothing Can Go Wrong The Refuge "Infinity Science has begun to understand Requiem's portal system and request assistance in its testing."
3 Everything Has Gone Wrong The Refuge "The Refuge facility is the focus of heavy enemy activity. Additional UNSC forces are being deployed to the area."
4 The Cauldron Base The Cauldron "Forward Base Magma has placed a distress call. Fireteam Crimson is responding."
5 Spartan Thorne Quarry "Spartan Gabriel Thorne has been transported to Requiem, without weapons or comms. His current status is unknown."

Opening cinematic[edit]

Fades from black to Galileo Base.

Fireteam Majestic comes out of a building, checking and securing the area around them as they head towards a Pelican.

  • Madsen: "So now we're Crimson's delivery service? How come we never get the interesting jobs?"

DeMarco and Hoya break off from the other three and move forward.

The other three move but a fuel rod cannon round detonates in front of them.

  • DeMarco: "Get to cover!!"

Grant, Madsen and Thorne take cover, checking around.

  • Grant: "Just had to open your big mouth again, Madsen."
  • Madsen: "We're not dead yet, Grant."

Another cannon blast barely misses them.

  • Grant: "Yet?"
  • DeMarco: "Regroup on me!"

The three move. As another cannon fires, Grant rolls out of the blast into the building but Madsen and Thorne are still out.

  • DeMarco: "Thorne, Madsen, move it!"

Madsen taps Thorne's shoulder and the two join the rest of their fireteam.

  • Thorne: "Anti-air's down!"
  • DeMarco: "Yes Thorne, I've noticed!"

As Majestic looks on, a Phantom and a couple of Banshees block their way to the Pelican.

  • DeMarco: "Alright Spartans, we're packing up this picnic. Everybody, get to the Pelican! Let's move!"

DeMarco proceeds to move towards the Pelican but Madsen reaches out and stops him.

  • Madsen: "Hey, hey, hey, woah, woah, woah!! We try to fly, we're dead!"
  • Thorne: "Hoya."
  • Hoya: "Yeah?"

Thorne hands the "Didact's Gift" over to Hoya.

  • Thorne: "Take this. Prep for lift-off. I've got an idea."

Thorne gets up and runs from the group.

  • Madsen: "Uhh?"
  • DeMarco: "Thorne, get back here!! That's an order!!!"

Thorne runs over to the building ledge and jumps to catch a Banshee flying between the canal.

  • Grant: "We've got this, just go!"

The rest of Majestic squad get up to run towards the Pelican while Thorne appears in the Banshee saluting the team. The view switches to a cliff side overlooking the base. The Phantom immediately explodes, crashing to the ground. Gek 'Lhar approaches Jul 'Mdama who is monitoring the activity.

  • Gek 'Lhar: "Shipmaster 'Mdama! The humans have their prize! They are near escape!"
  • Jul 'Mdama: "Let them, Gek."
  • Gek 'Lhar: "They carry the soul of a Promethean Knight!"
  • Jul 'Mdama: "And we have made enough of a display trying to retrieve it."

Cut to black.


The view cuts to the package sitting on a table as Dr. Catherine Halsey examines it.

  • Halsey: "Taking a reading."

The package burst open and the cover pieces float mid-air.

  • Halsey: "Oh my..."

Cut to Lasky who is looking inside the laboratory from outside.

  • Lasky: "Doctor!"
  • Halsey: "A moment please."

Dr. Halsey taps one of the floating pieces with her pen.

  • Halsey: "Intriguing."
  • Roland: "Doc, this thing looks... kinda familiar."
  • Halsey: "Yes. It's very similar to an A.I. Matrix. But we expected that..."

As Dr. Halsey takes a closer look at the device, which releases an energy burst.

  • Halsey: "Woah!"

Dr. Halsey falls to her back as the energy released from the device disrupts the surrounding lights and monitors.

  • Lasky: "Dr. Halsey!"

Lasky, Palmer, and Majestic squad rush into the room to help Halsey who pick herself up.

  • Halsey: "Roland, freeze all monitors!"

All the monitors freeze frame showing pictures of scenery.

  • Roland: "Pictures?"

Thorne approaches one of the pictures which shows several buildings.

  • Roland: "Civilian life. Maybe a colony or something."
  • Halsey: "Not pictures...memories."

Halsey turns around to look at the device.

  • Halsey: "An alien A.I. full of human memories."

Thorne turns around to face the group.

  • Thorne: "I grew up there."
  • Roland: "Nah. That can't be right."

Lasky and Palmer exchange looks.

  • Halsey: "You knew this, didn't you, Captain Lasky."
  • Lasky: "The UNSC is aware that Prometheans are ancient humans."

Thorne turns around to face another monitor which shows the mysterious Forerunner artifact.

  • Thorne: "You knew."
  • Lasky: "This is impossible, I...I have no idea how the hell these memories got from Earth to here."

Thorne briefly looks at Lasky before storming out the room.

  • Palmer: "Thorne."

Thorne ignores Palmer and leaves the room. Dr. Halsey turns to look at the monitor he last observed.

  • Lasky: "What is it, doctor?"

Halsey also sees the artifact. Cut to the artifact. Lasky, Palmer, and Halsey (who is holding her datapad) proceed towards the artifact.

  • Halsey: "I suspect we misunderstood the artifact's true purpose."
  • Lasky: "And that is?"
  • Halsey: "I'm working on it."

Lasky and Palmer stop as Halsey walks closer to the artifact. The view cuts to a blue orb which shows Halsey typing on her datapad. Cut back to Halsey looking down at her datapad.


  • Palmer: "It's amusing to see you not have the answer to everything, for once."
  • Halsey: "Enough has been kept from me. I've decided to start questioning all my prior assumptions."
  • Lasky: "Doctor, this is as much a surprise to us as it is to you."
  • Halsey: "I suspect that's a lie, Captain."

Cut back to the blue orb. Jul 'Mdama is seen talking to it revealing that he is the unidentified individual that Halsey was communicating with.

  • Jul 'Mdama: "So perhaps we can assist one another. You are familiar with the Librarian?"
  • Halsey: "The Librarian?"
  • Lasky: "Doctor?"

Palmer walks over to Dr. Halsey and snatches the datapad out of her hand.

  • Palmer: "What are you really doing?"

Halsey attempts to get it back but Palmer holds her back. Palmer takes a look at the datapad.

  • Palmer: "Who are you talking to?"

Palmer tosses the datapad towards Lasky who catches it.

  • Halsey: "You rude-"

Palmer takes out her magnum and points it at Halsey's head.

  • Palmer: "You want rude?"

Lasky scrolls through the datapad with a pin.

  • Lasky: "Palmer, take Dr. Halsey into custody."

Cut back to the view screen. Jul 'Mdama observes Palmer taking Halsey away. Suddenly something activates in the background. Jul turns around.

  • Glassman: "Haha! It works!"

Glassman activates the shrine which now has a blue sphere around it. All the Sangheili including Gek proceed to bow.

  • Jul 'Mdama: "Glassman?"
  • Glassman: "Well at least...something... works."

Jul 'Mdama stands next to Glassman and both individuals continue to observe the shrine. Cut to Thorne who is walking towards the artifact on Infinity.

  • Thorne: "Why did those people see you?"

Thorne touches the artifact which activates. A portal appears on the artifact.

  • Thorne: "What?"

Thorne turns to escape, but he is sucked into the artifact. The artifact translocates Thorne to "the Cauldron" on Requiem. As Thorne gets up, seven Sangheili Storm approach him, activating their energy swords. Cut to black.


"Memento Mori" is a Latin phrase that is translated as "Remember your mortality", or "Remember you will die".[1]