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This article is about the assault armor permutation from Halo: Reach. Were you looking for the Elite assault armor from Halo 3?

Assault is a series of supplemental webbing configurations designed for use with the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor in close to medium distance combat. The Assault category includes various pieces of chest- and wrist-mounted ammunition-carrying equipment compatible with MJOLNIR Mark V.[1]



Broadly speaking, sappers are equally at home building things as they are blowing them up.

Price: 14,000 cR
This chestpiece adds two straps of grenades over the default armor. These extend to midway through the abdomen, and have buckles holding them to the armor. It also adds a two grenades of a different model under the chestplate, as well as a grenade belt of the same grenades.

Halo Reach chest armor sapper.jpg


Anything you don’t have, you can find in the field. Anything you can’t find, you didn’t need anyway.

Price: 12,000 cR
This chestpeice adds a few pouches over the default armor. One is a small, rectangular pouch with a triangular strap, and the other is a special pouch with what appears to be an external radio. A "tactical waist bag" is also added to the back.

Halo Reach chest armor commando.jpg

Assault/Sapper [R][edit]

Next time don’t cut your fuses so short.

Price: 250,000 cR
This chestpiece is almost the same as the default Sapper, but it has a prosthetic arm and lacks the grenade belt of the original.

Halo reach chest armor sapper2.jpg



Supplementary bandoleer, Rigid, 8 Gauge.

Price: 200,000 cR
This wrist armor consists of a rack that contains extra shotgun shells. It would presumably be used in break-and-enter situations, to have extra shells close at hand.

Halo reach wrist armor breacher.jpg


  • A sapper (as in Assault/Sapper) is a combat engineer.[2]
  • Curiously, the Assault/Breacher wrist utility is worn on the left forearm, even though Noble Six, or any Spartan in general, is never seen holding a shotgun left-handedly. Emile-A239 wears it on his right forearm, which is much more convenient for reloading.

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