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c. 2511





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Lieutenant commander

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Lieutenant Commander Fhajad-084[1] is an Office of Naval Intelligence data analyst and a former SPARTAN-II candidate. He was reassigned to ONI after being crippled by the SPARTAN-II augmentation procedures in 2525.[2]


Fhajad was abducted by ONI at the age of six in September 2517, after Doctor Catherine Halsey identified him as a flawless genetic match for the SPARTAN-II Program. He was replaced with a flash clone and was taken to Reach, where his surname was replaced with the numeric tag "-084". He was then trained with the other Spartan children by Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez and the AI Déjà.[3]

Along with the other Spartan candidates, Fhajad participated in several training missions at Military Reservation 01478-B, the Military Wilderness Training Preserve, and the surrounding Highland Mountains.[4] He often acted as a scout due to his superior vision and hearing. Throughout the training he developed a close friendship with John-117 and Samuel-034.[5]

During the candidates' augmentation procedures in 2525, Fhajad suffered from complications with the fifth augmentation: superconducting fabrication of neural dendrites. This caused him to develop severe Parkinson's disease. His body shook without control and was unable to walk, but his mind was undamaged. No longer physically fit to serve as a Spartan, Fhajad was discharged from the program and was relegated to a desk job with the Office of Naval Intelligence.[2]

In May 2540 he published a paper on slipspace physics that later appeared in UNSC Astrophysics Journal 034-23-01. Commander Jacob Keyes, who had aided Dr. Halsey in her study of the Spartan candidates, later used this article to predict the approach of Covenant forces to Sigma Octanus IV in July 2552; this allowed the UNSC to turn the tide of the ensuing space battle.[6]


  • Fhajad's service number 84 is a multiple of seven: 84/12=7. He is one of only two known Spartan-IIs (the other being Douglas) that have 7 as a factor of their number.
  • Fhajad is one of two Spartans-IIs to achieve the rank of Lieutenant Commander, the other being Kurt Ambrose.


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